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HM Hospitales

Medical tourism
HM Hospitals is a group of clínics in Spain (Madrid), which remains loyal to the values of the past 25 years, which allowed us to meet the highest international standards, thanks to the advanced research and production equipment and professional specialists that did not go unnoticed. Also in 2015 two of the hospitals of the group HM Hospitals: HM Monteprincipe and HM Sanchinarro in Madrid were added to the list of the best private clinics - Top 5 private hospitals according to Healthcare Reputation Monitor. Merco 2015.
In 2016, HM Monteprincipe is already among the top three hospitals and ranked as 2nd private hospital with the most reliable medical reputation in the Autonomous Region of Madrid and the second in the entire Spain, according to data of Monitoring Sanitary Reputation (MRS). Apart from HM Montepríncipe, the group HM Hospitales, also appear on the MRS list of other hospitals for the year 2016. In particular, HM Sanchinarro (Sanchinarro) ranks third in the Madrid Autonomous Region and a fourth place in Spain´s common ranking. Thus, HM Hospitales is the only group of hospitals, whose agencies took two places among the top five in the country at the same time.
Not only clinics of the group but their employees are winners of many European and international awards in the field of medicine, the latest of which was for Dr. José A. Obeso - the Head of HM CINAC neurological center, whose services have been awarded the ABC Salud 2016 award as a doctor of the year. And the equipment, which use in hospitals often is unique in Spain.
Ser y no parecer! “To be and not to seem!” is the main and most important motto of all of  those who work in the benefit of patients in this group of medical institutions.
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